Understanding The Feds True Motive
Is the Key to building generational wealth 
in the next 12 months
without being taken out by the dollar wrecking ball 
that will destroy markets and retirement accounts
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In this presentation, you’ll discover…

  • How understanding the "Real" motives behind economic war are the key
  • Navigating the fall out of the economic war can lead to riches or ruin
  • The exact playbook I am using to build wealth and protect myself
  • ​​The signs I am watching to know when to pivot and where to go

All YOUR Questions Answered - LIVE Question and Answer! 

This is a FREE Event.
Attendance is Limited.

IIn this free online presentation, you’ll discover

  • How Bill Clinton set events in motion that will collapse the stock market in 2021.
  • The REAL reason the 1% keeps getting richer, even as the rest of the world gets poorer (hint - it has nothing to do with performance bonuses or tax advantages).
  • How this could be the greatest stock market crash in history, and spin off the greatest depression we’ve ever seen.
  • ​How to spot the crash before it happens so you can move your money to safety.
  • ​Why moving your money now might be a bad idea (hint: sometimes the best gains come right before a crash).
This is a Free Event.
Attendance is Limited.
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