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(Updated: This changes everything )
2021 Could Be The Most Profitable Year, 
You Have Ever Seen…
If you get these 3 things right!

Did I just say 2020 could be the most profitable year ever??


In fact… I am here to tell you this event will be the biggest period of both wealth creation, and then wealth destruction, I have ever witnessed and...

now... you may be asking yourself... 

Didn't the markets just break down? 
Isn't the bull market finally done? 
Won't the ____virus crash the economy? 

Well... Yes, Yes, and Yes... 

But let me tell you a secret I learned a long time ago in my investing career...

"There is no such thing as good and bad timing, only good and bad strategies"

So this means, when the market breaks down, we just switch our strategies, which isn't hard if you know how to do it

And I am going to give you the details right now, and most importantly...

tell you the massive change that has just occurred, how it's going to affect every single investor, and exactly HOW YOU CAN POSITION TODAY! 

This event will create a brand new class of millionaires as the life-changing potential of the Blow Off top plays out over 2020, and...

how if you’re starting right now, today... you could make more money in the markets than you have ever made before.

But this event is unfolding fast, and if you don’t get in the right position fast, you could miss this last chance you have to jump in and participate

So get out your pen and paper to take notes, because I am going to break this whole thing down for you right now, explaining what you need to do to start making money as fast as possible

I can tell you the members who I have been sharing this information with have seen firsthand how critical timing is because these assets are moving fast

So I wanted to put this short but comprehensive recap together to get you all the main points, without taking a bunch of your time, sound good?

A couple of key points I want to hit with you are:  
  • Update you on the progress of the Blow off Top, and what’s going to happen next
  • ​How you can capitalize on this right now, and where we are going to see the biggest profits as it continues to unfold
  • ​The dangers of not playing this correctly, because if you don't get this right, you may end up broke like the majority of others 
I will dig into each of these points and explain it so you know exactly what to do, so as I said, make sure you have your pen and pad handy because you are going to want to take some notes!

Again, I am going to try to get through this as fast as I can, just giving you the most important information, which will have the biggest impact on you and your investments 

but... Before I explain all of that, just real quick, for those that don’t know who I am
Hi, my name is Mark Moss

I’m the founder and editor of the 4 Pillar Blueprint and Tactical Asset Research

I have become the go-to trainer in the Investing category, over 1.8million people having watched my training. 

That's equivalent to over 40 football stadiums, and almost 200k hours of my investing content has been consumed
I have been traveling the country speaking at events, conferences and being interviewed for podcasts and news shows. 

Now, I am not trying to toot my own horn over here, just trying to show you that I have been doing this for a while, and lots of people have found massive value in my approach to the markets.  

And, I teach these strategies much more in-depth to my Inner Circle members and my newsletter subscribers 

And I get messages all the time like this: 
  • Justin J. said: he’s made $36,365 in 62 days!

  • ​Don Z. said: with your research, I’m on my way to make more money in a faster time than ever before
Over the last 4 years, I was the editor of an industry-leading Cryptocurrency Research company

working with 10’s of thousands of subscribers, teaching, training, and publishing research and giving recommendations. 

During that time, I put out over 20 calls gaining over 1,000%

some over 25,000% and 

one of my calls went up over 100,000%

That’s enough to turn a small $500 into over Half A Million Dollars! Incredible! 

But Crypto was only ever a single part of my investments as it should be yours

Over the last few years, I began working with a small group of my newsletter subscribers, I call them my “Inner Circle” and we started using different strategies, different assets to take advantage of this Blow-Off Top market cycle that was forming up 

I created what I call the Tactical Asset Newsletter to be perfectly positioned to play this Blow-Off Top market cycle  

Yes, It still includes crypto, but it’s so much more…

It's a perfectly and fully allocated model that is positioned to take full advantage of this event
And it’s been working, you can see Justin said here:

“My portfolio is up $36k in just 64 days

Imagine making $36k that fast… 

And as this market started breaking up, we saw even bigger and faster gains!
  • 50% in 30 days on this powerful way to play the whole market
  • ​64% in 45 days on this Chinese Market Leader
  • ​38% in 22 days on this small 5g tech company
  • ​And this is only the beginning..
In fact, if you had been following this Tactical Asset Portfolio, based on the 4 Pillar Blueprint this year, you would have had huge profits.
Our fully invested and allocated portfolio has crushed the market returns by more than 600% just this year alone!!
And we get flooded with emails from other members 
seeing the same things, like:
  • Chris said: I am absolutely certain that I'm going to be successful and deliver a momentum for myself
  • Mayukh said: My portfolio held up well during this coronavirus set out and I am confident it will hold if other pandemics break out
  • ​Antz said: This is amazing, the recommendations have made a lot of money but the information you share is priceless!
So, look, that fact that you are here, reading this right now tells me YOU ALREADY KNOW you HAVE TO GET THIS RIGHT!, because:
  • Virus Scares are wrecking the economy
  • ​Credit Markets are starting to freeze up
  • ​Banks are preparing for the worst!
And if you don't do something fast, it could be too late! 
Then this is it! 
I will show you the simplest way to jump in fast, and take full advantage of this huge opportunity to make money, that we probably won’t see again, at least for another 20-30 years or more

There are so many reasons why the economy is breaking apart
  • What about gov’t debt being unsustainable
  • ​What about negative interest rates
  • ​Trade wars with china
  • ​The Coronavirus shutting down China and the global economy…
In fact, what's happening right now is much worse than what we saw in 2008. 

If you can remember way back then :) The global markets shut down when $800 billion of Mortgage-Backed Securities blew up. 

Today, it's worse, much worse, we have $10 Trillion of Corporate debt, $4 Trillion of which is about to erupt, and if you think 2008 was bad, just wait.

And while many in the media might try to blame this on the ____virus, just know that this was a long time coming, and the virus, is just the "prick" that is popping this bubble
And just like pouring gas on the fire, the virus is going to accelerate and make it happen faster, and deeper than we have ever seen. 

Just Consider this: 
  • China has been shut down for months, no manufacturing or consuming
  • ​Apple hasn't been getting iPhones and will miss earnings
  • ​Starbucks and McDonalds were not making sales
  • ​Shipments have not produced or shipped, we will see massive shortages
  • ​Travel is restricted, no tourism, no traveling, airlines are losing billions
  • ​No shipping or travel is crashing the oil markets
  • ​and I could go on and on...
because if we play this right, it can be a huge opportunity for us

so I will show you how...
11 Years of Profit in 7 Months!
If you're reading this, chances are you watch my Investing videos and read my newsletter and you know I LOVE to look at history, to help us know the future.

We can see as far back as we want to look, markets have cycles. 

They start slow, build over a long time, and then build fast, and then crash!

Typical market cycles can take 7-10 years, but then crash in 1 - 2 years

This tells us 2 things...

  • If we buy into a market after the crash, we will have a nice long run of profits
  • ​We could lose 10 years of profits in 1 year, if we don't manage it correctly
The problem is, as humans, we are horrible investors. Our emotions get the best of us and we buy at the top, and sell at the bottom.

We saw this most recently in 2008

Over $2.4 Trillion was lost in the markets in 7 months, retirees lost an avg of 30% of their life savings, and you know what they did? 

they pulled out of the market, to save what they had left

But this created a bigger problem because they missed out on the HUGE opportunity to buy at the very bottom. 

They were either too scared (most likely) or too broke to take advantage of it! 
so what can we learn from this? What can we do better? 
We can make 10 years of "buy and hold" profits in 7 months, by profiting on the way down, making smart decisions, and then buying into the right assets

that are so cheap, they are on the sale of a lifetime!

So How Do You Do This? 

Step # One 

We need to buy assets that GO UP, when most of the stock market is GOING DOWN

We call these "non-correlated" assets

Take Gold for example: 
As you can see from the chart above, over the last 8 market crashes, gold has gone up!

In the great financial crash of 2008, the market crashed over 50% and gold went up over 25%! 

That gives you a very simple idea of what I am talking about. 

But if you would have invested into specific gold stocks, gold miners, you could have made 10x - 100x returns, than just holding gold alone

Step # Two 

We look at sectors of the market that will outperform due to unique circumstances. 
What this means is that we want to look for areas of the market that will go up for their own unique circumstances

So for example, the ___virus is wrecking the economy as I outlined above, but it will also create massive opportunities, some of which we are already seeing...

Like Biotech stocks. Companies are selling medications, medical supplies, ventilators, and eventually vaccines. 

These companies are already seeing massive stock boosts and will continue as this event unfolds, and its only being helped by the already massive trend of baby boomers all reaching retirement age. 

Another example of where the puck will be is with China shutting down manufacturing for months, and creating massive supply chain shocks, the world will scramble to fix this problem and make sure it doesn't happen again. 

This will create huge opportunities for us as new manufacturing centers are set up, shipping lines and containers go into overdrive and profits go through the roof

so by skating to where the puck will be, we will be able to make huge gains while most investors are scared on the sidelines

Step # Three 

The third way we crush the market and make more money in 1 year than we could have made in 10 is by buying back into the very best companies when they are so cheap, 

they will literally be on the sale of a lifetime!

But how will we know when it's time? if you have been around investing for any time, you have surely heard the term: 

"never try to catch a falling knife" 

this means we shouldn't try to time the markets because if we get it wrong, we could end up bleeding, which isn't good

Well, the assets will be so cheap, that even if we don't catch the very bottom, we will still be set up for huge gains moving forward. 

I keep my eye on a key indicator called the Advance-Decline Line
The formula looks like this:
It’s a little complex, but let me explain it in easy to understand terms. 

It’s a technical indicator that tracks the difference of stocks going up, and stocks going down on a daily basis.  

It is used to show us what the market sentiment is and confirms price trends, and also, importantly tells us when market reversals are happening. 

The Easy Way To Play This Market!

I gave you the playbook in 3 easy steps, but...

Executing this isn't so easy, especially if you don't have the experience and 100 hours per week to study the markets like my and my team do.

This is why I am opening up the Tactical Asset Newsletter for you right now. 

As I showed you above, we have been crushing the markets, and we are just getting started, but... 

This Market Will Not Wait For You!

In fact, as you can see from the chart below, it's already well underway. 
In just the last few weeks, we have already given back 2 full years of profit! 
So 2 years to build the gains and only weeks to lose them, if you didn't play it right!

But, for our members, we are up 30, 40, 50% and more! 

The ugly truth is that 99% of Americans are going to get hit hard by the Melt Down

but you don't have to be one of them! 

The 4 Pillar - Tactical Asset Report

Your guide to navigating the final stages of the bull market and 
the Blow-Off Top
I've been publishing my research every month for the last 4 years with thousands of people just like you depending on me and my team to provide actionable information on the markets and geopolitical events

But the new Tactical Asset Newsletter is where I will provide a wider range of investment research and market commentary moving forward
In the past few months, subscribers have seen these amazing returns: 
  • 68% on an overlooked Crypto 🚀
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🔥 In fact, of 17 recommendations, 16 are in profit, 
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You can continue to see the same great investment research as well as expanded research and reports on the economy

How to protect your money in times of trouble and grow it during the late stages of these blow-off tops

And in the New Four Pillar Asset Report

My team and I will bring you the greatest investment ideas anywhere we find them 

We will continue to report on cryptocurrencies, and expand into the three other asset classes that balance everything out

It's the balance of non-correlated assets that will increase your return potential while decreasing your risk!

I love hearing from members who have used this information, like Justin who is up almost $40k in just 2 months... 
Or Ingrid...
 I'm no longer afraid of doing so because now I know exactly what I'm doing.
- Ingrid
Or Don...
I advise anybody to get involved because you got to take care of your financial future and Mark knows the way to do it and easy
- Don
We receive stories like this regularly and I hope your story will be next

But I want to caution you, past performance is no guarantee of future profits and you have to understand that all Investments involve risk

Nobody can guarantee that you will make millions of dollars

But what I can guarantee, is that no matter how much money you have, you will benefit from the education and knowledge you receive from the 4 Pillar - Tactical Asset Report

And the best part is

 You can sample our research with absolutely no risk ,  If you don't like it, you won't pay a cent 

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The Blow Off Top Is HERE

Will you become a victim or will you learn to profit?

The choice is yours! 

Over the next 6 - 12 months, more wealth will be lost from the global economy than you can even imagine

and like 2008, most people that think they are ready to retire will be going back to work!

But it doesn't have to be that way! 

Being positioned properly will make all the difference to getting rich, or losing your hard-earned money

So ACT NOW, and join the 4 Pillar Asset Report today

It could be the most profitable move you make in your life

Sometimes in life, you only get once chance, will you take it now? 
To your success, 
Mark Moss
Founder, 4 Pillar Research
P.S. We are in truly unprecedented times, the combination of low-interest rates, central bank money creation, and stock market injection have created the largest bull market in history and the virus is the prick to that bubble

Do not miss out, this might be the last time you have this chance in your lifetime

What You Can Expect

What you can expect from The Tactical Asset Report and Community!

I have spent the last 12 years learning the inner workings of the markets, monetary system and technologies to thrive in this ever changing world.

For the last 5 years, my mission has been to help Main Street Americans to take charge of their financial futures and achieve financial security, no matter their stage of life. 

I wanted to make sure they had access to the same level of research and advice that wealthy households have.

My goal with The Tactical Asset Report and Community is to help people like you achieve financial stability and freedom. 

I’ll show you ways to make money … use some to make more money … and keep the rest!

Now, The Tactical Asset Report is unique from any other investment newsletter out there because we do not focus on just one asset class or strategy. 

I believe the most important rule for success is having an allocated portfolio, and I like to look at it in 4 main areas, or 4 Pillars as I call it. 

They are: 
1. Growth: stocks, crypto, cannabis, emerging markets, etc
2. Cash Flow: dividend stocks, real estate, p2p loans etc. 
3. Chaos Hedge: gold and precious metals
4. Cash: having a strong cash allocation is important

So you see, whatever your financial goals, whatever stage of life you’re in and whatever your investment profile, The Tactical Asset Report has something for you!

Your subscription will include:
  • Monthly Issues of The Tactical Asset Report:
    Every month, I do a deep dive into the global macro economic picture affecting the global markets and make a clear investment recommendation that is allocated to one of the 4 pillars as mentioned above. Every recommendation starts with an analysis of a major trend. I then identify an economic sector positioned to benefit from that trend. Finally, I recommend a best-of-breed company or other asset poised to generate great returns. Every recommendation is designed to put you on the path to a truly secure financial future.

  • ​​Quick Hit Trade Alerts.
    We are primarily "investors" looking for big moves, but when the market is moving fast like it is now, we react! When we decide to make a quick purchase or take profits on an existing position, I update inside the private community, send an email and post it in the updates section of the members area so you are always up to date on anything that is going on. 

  • Weekly updates.
    Every week, I send out a video updates updating you on what’s happening in the world and in our portfolio. These will keep you up to date on new opportunities to grow your wealth while answering any questions you may have about our positions. 

  • Live Streams: 
    Inside the private members only community, I do regular live stream videos, giving you more up to the minute information and give you the chance to ask questions live. I also take questions submitted in advance and answer them during the live stream These videos are archived inside the private community and members area for viewing anytime. 

  • The Tactical Asset portfolios.
    The portfolio includes every position that I recommended. The portfolios will tell you when we bought the position, how much we paid for it and how much we’ve gained since then. It also includes a recommendation as to whether you should buy the position if you’ve only recently joined the service.

  • ​Access to special reports:
    From time to time, I release new Special Reports on topics ranging from asset allocation, investing in silver, or gold stocks or cryptocurrencies. Over the years, I’ve produced numerous special reports and this material is so valuable that it could stand alone as its own product, but I’ve included it in The Tactical Asset Report as a free bonus for your membership.

  • 24/7 access to our exclusive:
    members-only community where I am answer your questions, posting updates and doing live streams. You also have access to the members only website so you can access your subscription materials, visit this encrypted website anytime, from anywhere.
I’m confident that as a Tactical Asset Report subscriber, you’ll sleep soundly knowing you have everything you need to achieve financial freedom!

To Your Success

Mark Moss
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